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So I took a class in College that was labeled CE, and the final project was create an autonomous Arduino using DC motors and a IR sensor. The thing is, the more I Google, the more I feel like what I did was more Mechanical Engineering and I think I am correct. The type of Engineer I am thinking of wanting to be is Robotics, something more related to computers. So would Mechanical Engineering Engineering be the best and possibly a minor in CE? I am really enjoying the projects from the Arduino starter kit, and I am assuming that would be CE,  but then it crosses over to ME when you are using the motors (i.e. servo and dc)? What I feel like I am understanding is CE is circuits and programming micro-controller that stand still (i.e. a toaster, video card, etc..., where as ME is also circuits and programming micro-controller except the devices move (i.e. robotics).

Main answers I am looking for are:

1. Is an autonomous vehicle more CE or ME?
2. How accurate was my last sentence in the above paragraph?
3. The projects that do not use a motor in the Arduino starter kit would be more CE and the one that do would that be more ME?
4. I know that it varies sometimes, but what would be better for my situation? Major in CE minor in ME or Major in ME and minor in CE. I also have the time/resources for a double Major in CE and ME if that would be WORTH the effort.
5. Any feedback from other people wanting to do this major or already in the job area or from anyone in general.

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You seem to have the two ends of the spectrum, and forgotten the middle.

Robotics would incorporate both Mech Eng, and Computing (or SE - Software Engineering, rarely called Computer Engineering), but you forget about EE - electrical, or electronic engineering.

Mech eng would focus on the leverage, torque, gear ratios, motors and engines. Probably not much software.
Software Eng is unlikely to include much in the way of circuits, unless its specific to the unit you're taking. It's most likely programs performing calculations and showing results on screen.
Electronics is more likely to deal with the sort of thing you're talking about - circuits and micro controllers.

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