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Dear Forum

I am looking for the latest Dynamixel library that works with Robotis latest RS485 protocol (protocol = DXL2.0)

I have just started with programming Arduino boards and C in general. So I have quite little programming background  and I am not able myselfe to create a library. But I can use one if it is well documented  ;)

Robotis provides SW for theyr own controller's (CM510, CM700, ...). These controllers (at least CM510 and CM700) do have the Atmega2561 built-in (see also following link).


The SW Robotis provides has the following content

Embedded C Download
• embeded_c(cm510_v1.02).zip
• embeded_c(cm700_v1.02).zip

The structure of folders is as follows:

../include     : Necessary header files when using library

../src             : Library sources

../lib              : Library files

../example  : Examples which can be executed in the controller

So I am wondering if a lot more skilled person then I am would be able to either create a new LIB that I am able to integrate in my Arduino-Project or at least could give me an instruction how to integrate the existing lib of Robotis into my Arduino-Project if it could be used right-away...

Any help is highly appreciated

BR Martin

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