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No. PLX has been around for a long time and, if there was a problem like that, it would probably be common knowledge. I have had a similar problem recently, where the temperatures on display all read zero. This required a restart. I am not using PLX at the moment but I am using serial for graph via bluetooth. I can't see how serial can be the problem. It has only happened once, and after months of continuous operation.

The accuracy of DS1307 only becomes a problem when there greater variations in diurnal temperature. I had to go outside to get that. I still use them!


Nick_Pyner, my code has many 'if' loops, many serial commands and now also includes RTC.  Do you think the code could freeze the Arduino because the memory limit is reached?


I would not have thought it likely. It can easily happen with data aquisition, but I recall all you are doing is pushing buttons and rattling relays. Check the programme size when compiling. If it is over 30k, it indeed is quite likely. The other Valley of Death is using strings. In both cases, you screw up the system while running. If the programme is over 32k, you won't be left in any doubt about the problem, as the IDE will refuse to compile.

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