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Microcontrollers / Re: SAMD21 Variants
Last post by westfw - Today at 06:45 am
General Discussion / Starter Kit suggestion
Last post by satifz - Today at 06:39 am
Hi Guys,

Could you please advise on the products I should order for my daughter who will be a starter and has no previous experience with IOTs/coding/programming.

Thank you.
Project Guidance / Re: Timers
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 06:35 am
I want to start two stepper motors with a switch and each motor will run for up to 60 secs and then stop.
Best to use millis() to time that. See "blink without delay" as example on how that works.

I need to be able to adjust the time as well with some means such as a potentiometer
Pot between Vcc and GND, wiper to an analog in port, then just read that value and adjust your timer delay accordingly. There must be lots of examples on this out there.

Do make up you mind on whether you want the time the motors run to dynamically change with the pot, so shorter/longer if you move it while the motors are running, or that you want this to be independent: time set when the motor starts regardless of any movement of the pot while they run.
Cus it seems that topic turned to be a topic to talk useless stuff on newcomers..
This isn't stackexchange.

After reply #2, by which time your question was answered, the discussion turned to how Robin2 could improve the lesson that you queried in the first place. That's how dynamic this forum is: Robin2 (who has a number of tutorials to his credit) was actually trying to make his work better, so the next guy won't have the problem you did. Nothing wrong with that: all in the spirit of learning and what ISO and other quality folk talk of as "continual improvement": listen to your customers and make the product better.

Yeah I've noticed it gets a bit "chatty" here and sometimes I suppose a newcomer might need to sift through a few extra posts, bit when it comes down to it, your question was answered and there was no talking "useless stuff on newcomers".

Oh, and did I say this isn't stackexchange? Sure,over there, this chat's not allowed, but where's the fun in that?

General Electronics / measuring sleep current with o...
Last post by arusr - Today at 06:31 am
I tried using a oscilloscope to measure the current draw during sleep.  I put a small 10ohm resistor in series after the battery, and then measured the voltage drop across the resistor.  But it's hard to tell what that voltage is on the scope.  At 20mV scale, it's barely anything, really close to 0V.  But when I put a cheap volt meter over the resistor, I get a pretty constant 0.01mV, which translate to about 10uA.

Is the scope not very good at reading very small voltages like this?  Is a volt meter a better tool?  How accurate is the voltage reading of volt meter typically for these low sub mV values?  Am I using the oscilloscope wrong if I'm not able to take readings of .01mV?
Project Guidance / Re: RFID canteen automation
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 06:31 am
What do you have? Hardware, code - please post it all.
Displays / Re: MCUfriend 2.8 TFT LCD Shie...
Last post by david_prentice - Today at 06:24 am
You have a regular Blue 2.8" Mcufriend Uno Shield.

Install/Update the MCUFRIEND_kbv library with the Library Manager.

Run the new "diagnose_TFT_support" sketch from the examples.
Copy-paste the Serial Terminal to your next message.

Hm OK I had to consult The Oracle of Google on that, and I'm still happy to go with a day being how long it takes to spin once.[/quote
So you say because it is on the internet it is true?
No that's not what I meant. I consulted the Oracle to remind me of what I learned in geography c1970, which is what you said about the sidereal day, sidereal being a word I hadn't used since I first heard it afaik ;) (I was taught the right stuff, just not the kind of thing I think about often, nearly 50y later)

I meant I'm not really fussed by 4 minutes here and there, and for my intents and purposes (I say "my"), if I think of the earth spinning once in 24 h, I won't lose any sleep over it.
Project Guidance / Re: ir proximity sensor
Last post by wvmarle - Today at 06:18 am
Please edit your post, adding code </> tags and formatting your code properly (use ctrl-T in the IDE).

What are you trying to do, really?
Displays / Re: how to convert serial data...
Last post by shannonzchanz - Today at 06:17 am
Hey fellas. I am experiencing the same issue as well.. Could you guys advise me on how to connect the esp8266 to the mega board itself?
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