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Testing a Matrix .... with a code... <---- After I check all the pins.

First. I don't use a code. I use 1 470 ohm resistor, +5 V, gnd, some wires.  I connect the 5 V to a resistor, a wire to a led pin, and a wire to a another led pin to gnd. I move the resitor wire to EACH pins to see a light. If not, I reversed the polarity, do the same procedure until I see a led on. If found, check for a commun pin <-- A CC or CA. Than I know the polarity, I check every pin for each leds. I marked down the led pin on paper.

Thank you! I managed to find all the right pins!
Now I'm going to put the result into a nice datasheet and then wire it all up again, and try the code.


I finally managed to make it work.
The code from the book was not working right, so I used another code.
And now it is working!

Thank you all for the help :)


Hi, I am having the exact same problem as you are having with project 19 in the same book!!!
You say the code in the book is wrong and you used another code that works.
My question to you is what code did you use to make this work.  This is the only chapter (so far) that I have had problems with.  Please post the code.



Sorry, but I don't remember which code I used.
I just searched on Google for some tutorials.
Good luck!

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