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Hi all, i'm looking for a bit of guidance:

As stated in the title I would like to transmit 2 signals (off a arduino uno + wifly) onto a devise like a iPad.

My area of uncertainty is way to go from the transmission to the receiver.

I have my Wifly piggybacked onto the arduino.

I suppose the questions are:
1. Wifly set up. (How do i tell the Wifly the channels of interest, or channels to send. (Eg serialprint))
2. Receiving the data on a wifi receiver. (Can i do this by utilizing the built in wifi transceiver in products like iPads?)
3. Displaying the data. (Processing program is what I have in mind)

I have checked out some tutorials but I feel this project is not as complex as some. I only want to go from:

Wifly--->View results on screen.

Thanks for you time, any links of guidance that you recommend would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.


As a note to add:

I have the Wifly library ready in arduino. (Currently head scratching for the next step)


You should be able to do that on an iPad with its wifi capability. I've used an iPhone to connect to a PC.

I used asyncsocket. Here is an example: https://github.com/twyatt/asyncsocket-example

This is medium complex. Probably should start by writing the iPad server and seeing if you can connect from your PC. You need to be a member of Apple's developer program ($99). Stackoverflow can help with the iPad questions.

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