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I'm using the Arduino Uno with CuHead wifi shield and the user contributed library from asynclabs.. https://github.com/asynclabs/WiShield_user_contrib

I've had to update the library to IDE v1.0 and am basing my code off the SimpleClient example.

Problem #1:
The Arduino setup is randomly dropping my GET requests to my server.

Question: Any ideas what could be causing this or where should I be investigating?


  • Typically the first request is dropped

  • Sometimes it takes multiple tries before one makes it and then it's fine.

  • When you stop sending requests for a few minutes and then start again without turning off the Arduino, the first one or two will get dropped.

I've had the Arduino be 6 inches to 30ft away from the router. I've tried 4 different routers. When I do a ping to the server from my laptop, the connection is there and the response time is 90-120ms.

Problem #2:
The response time from the server varies... some times its almost instant and other times it literally takes a good 5-10 secs!

Question: Any theories as to why? Any way to resolve this?


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