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It's really helpful.

Hi hhbcd,

On my Windows based machine the register definitions are located at:


In the "include" directory, there are two further directories: "instance" and "component".

Instance contains the register definitions for each peripheral instance, for example tcc0.h, tcc1.h, etc...

Component contains the structures and definitions for the peripheral's register bitfields, for example tcc.h.


  • Changed DOPO to 0, to select PAD0 for MISO (corresponding to PA12:MISO on the board)
Hi Maverick123,

DOPO should be set to 0x3, which corresponds to PAD[0]: MISO , PAD[3]: SCK, PAD[1]: SS. The other option (0x0) will not select the correct SCK and SS pads.

Code: [Select]


More info can be found on page 438 of the complete datasheet.

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