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Hello all!

I have recently bought an Arduino uno to help me complete my final year project at university. I am looking to use it in an art installation to control multiple fans, (in a dimmer switch manner), in various places in my degree show space. I am a complete beginnner and have not yet managed to get that far. I was wondering how feasible my idea is and how I begin to go about programming it? If anyone has any recommendations for sites with relevant programming codes that would be amazing. Do I need to buy a servo motor?

Many many thanks, LJ_Blake


Do I need to buy a servo motor?

For what?

If you just want multiple fans then you will want to use PWM (there are examples in the arduino IDE) and use transistors to drive the fans.
Should be an easy enough project. Have a fiddle around with the analog (fading) example in the IDE and try to add more outputs/get it to fade how you want to - then ask more questions :)


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It's a great creative idea. I would like to see the result

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