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Eigen is a C++ library enabling Matlab and Octave-like matrix programming.  Eigen works very well with the Arduino Due.  As a Matlab user that appreciates minimalism, the Eigen library is written as plain header files. So no makefiles, no binary files, nothing to compile upfront, no headaches.
I downloaded it and tried on arduino 1.8 still no luck , appreciate any help


can you please recommend spi eeprom library for due?


Dear friends,

 I am in a big trouble, I designed a sensor system by interfacing AD 7705 ADC with ATMGA328P-AU.All the library files i downloaded from (http://www.kerrywong.com/2012/04/18/ad7705ad7706-library-revisited/ )
And it is working fine.

   Now i want to  change the controller to 32 bit SAM3x8e. The old library we used for AD7705 is not supporting. I am new with this controller, is there any one  to help me to find the solution. Can you suggest what change i should make in the old library.

hoping some one will help me .....................

Thank you..............


IMO if you are not yet familiar with the DUE, I suggest that you begin with a code like this one:
and the AD7705 datasheet, until you succeed to read properly the AD conversions at a very low frequency using digitalRead / digitalWrite.

You will find the correct CPOL/CPHA combination thanks to the figures in the AD datasheet.
then you can adapt your code for the Sam3x8e SPI controller with a much higher frequency using direct register programming or SPI.h or TurboSpi.h if necessary.


Can someone show me how to use MFRC 522 on arduino DUE? it's running on nano uno and mega. but i cant make it work on DUE. my project need to use DUE and not other arduino. so please can anyone teach me how. im new in using arduino DUE. TIA

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