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Please do this:
  • File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > compilation (uncheck) > upload (check) > OK
  • Sketch > Upload
  • After the upload fails you'll see a button on the right side of the orange bar "Copy error messages". Click that button.
  • Paste the error messages in a reply here USING CODE TAGS (</> button on the toolbar).
Thank You Pert. I will try to use the pre-compiled library. I am also trying to build the entire thing together. I will keep the post active with the results I get.
Website and Forum / Re: bounce2 library problem
Last post by PaulS - Today at 03:06 pm
How are your switches wired?
Project Guidance / Re: PROBLEM in connection betw...
Last post by Omany - Today at 03:04 pm
I would recommend inserting this at the end of your setup() function:
Code: [Select]

void initializeCamera() {
  // these are common registers values for initializing the camera to QVGA (320 x 240) mode at the maximum clock prescaler:
  writeCameraRegister(0x12, 0x80); // reset all camera registers to default value
  delay(1000); // wait for reset proccess to be done (because it is quite slow)
  writeCameraRegister(0x3A, 0x04);
  writeCameraRegister(0x12, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x17, 0x13);
  writeCameraRegister(0x18, 0x01);
  writeCameraRegister(0x32, 0xB6);
  writeCameraRegister(0x19, 0x02);
  writeCameraRegister(0x1A, 0x7A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x03, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0C, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3E, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x70, 0x3A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x71, 0x35);
  writeCameraRegister(0x72, 0x11);
  writeCameraRegister(0x73, 0xF0);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA2, 0x01);
  writeCameraRegister(0x15, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7A, 0x20);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7B, 0x10);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7C, 0x1E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7D, 0x35);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7E, 0x5A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x7F, 0x69);
  writeCameraRegister(0x80, 0x76);
  writeCameraRegister(0x81, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x82, 0x88);
  writeCameraRegister(0x83, 0x8F);
  writeCameraRegister(0x84, 0x96);
  writeCameraRegister(0x85, 0xA3);
  writeCameraRegister(0x86, 0xAF);
  writeCameraRegister(0x87, 0xC4);
  writeCameraRegister(0x88, 0xD7);
  writeCameraRegister(0x89, 0xE8);
  writeCameraRegister(0x13, 0xC0);
  writeCameraRegister(0x00, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x10, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0D, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x14, 0x18);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA5, 0x05);
  writeCameraRegister(0xAB, 0x07);
  writeCameraRegister(0x24, 0x95);
  writeCameraRegister(0x25, 0x33);
  writeCameraRegister(0x26, 0xE3);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9F, 0x78);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA0, 0x68);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA1, 0x03);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA6, 0xD8);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA7, 0xD8);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA8, 0xF0);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA9, 0x90);
  writeCameraRegister(0xAA, 0x94);
  writeCameraRegister(0x13, 0xC5);
  writeCameraRegister(0x30, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x31, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0E, 0x61);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0F, 0x4B);
  writeCameraRegister(0x16, 0x02);
  writeCameraRegister(0x1E, 0x07);
  writeCameraRegister(0x21, 0x02);
  writeCameraRegister(0x22, 0x91);
  writeCameraRegister(0x29, 0x07);
  writeCameraRegister(0x33, 0x0B);
  writeCameraRegister(0x35, 0x0B);
  writeCameraRegister(0x37, 0x1D);
  writeCameraRegister(0x38, 0x71);
  writeCameraRegister(0x39, 0x2A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3C, 0x78);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4D, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4E, 0x20);
  writeCameraRegister(0x69, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x74, 0x10);
  writeCameraRegister(0x8D, 0x4F);
  writeCameraRegister(0x8E, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x8F, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x90, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x91, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x96, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9A, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0xB0, 0x84);
  writeCameraRegister(0xB1, 0x0C);
  writeCameraRegister(0xB2, 0x0E);
  writeCameraRegister(0xB3, 0x82);
  writeCameraRegister(0xB8, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x43, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x44, 0xF0);
  writeCameraRegister(0x45, 0x34);
  writeCameraRegister(0x46, 0x58);
  writeCameraRegister(0x47, 0x28);
  writeCameraRegister(0x48, 0x3A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x59, 0x88);
  writeCameraRegister(0x5A, 0x88);
  writeCameraRegister(0x5B, 0x44);
  writeCameraRegister(0x5C, 0x67);
  writeCameraRegister(0x5D, 0x49);
  writeCameraRegister(0x5E, 0x0E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x6C, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x6D, 0x55);
  writeCameraRegister(0x6E, 0x11);
  writeCameraRegister(0x6F, 0x9E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x6A, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x01, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x02, 0x60);
  writeCameraRegister(0x13, 0xC7);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4F, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x50, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x51, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x52, 0x22);
  writeCameraRegister(0x53, 0x5E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x54, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x58, 0x9E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x41, 0x08);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3F, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x75, 0x05);
  writeCameraRegister(0x76, 0xE1);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4C, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x77, 0x01);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3D, 0x48);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4B, 0x09);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC9, 0x60);
  writeCameraRegister(0x56, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x34, 0x11);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3B, 0x12);
  writeCameraRegister(0xA4, 0x82);
  writeCameraRegister(0x96, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x97, 0x30);
  writeCameraRegister(0x98, 0x20);
  writeCameraRegister(0x99, 0x30);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9A, 0x84);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9B, 0x29);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9C, 0x03);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9D, 0x4C);
  writeCameraRegister(0x9E, 0x3F);
  writeCameraRegister(0x78, 0x04);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x01);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0xF0);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x0F);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x10);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x7E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x0B);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x01);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x0C);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x0F);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x0D);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x20);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x09);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x02);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0xC0);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x03);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x05);
  writeCameraRegister(0xC8, 0x30);
  writeCameraRegister(0x79, 0x26);
  writeCameraRegister(0xFF, 0xFF);
  writeCameraRegister(0x15, 0x20);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0C, 0x04);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3E, 0x19);
  writeCameraRegister(0x72, 0x11);
  writeCameraRegister(0x73, 0xF1);
  writeCameraRegister(0x17, 0x16);
  writeCameraRegister(0x18, 0x04);
  writeCameraRegister(0x32, 0xA4);
  writeCameraRegister(0x19, 0x02);
  writeCameraRegister(0x1A, 0x7A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x03, 0x0A);
  writeCameraRegister(0xFF, 0xFF);
  writeCameraRegister(0x12, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x8C, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x04, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x40, 0xC0);
  writeCameraRegister(0x14, 0x6A);
  writeCameraRegister(0x4F, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x50, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x51, 0x00);
  writeCameraRegister(0x52, 0x22);
  writeCameraRegister(0x53, 0x5E);
  writeCameraRegister(0x54, 0x80);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3D, 0x40);
  writeCameraRegister(0xFF, 0xFF);
  writeCameraRegister(0x11, 0x1F);
  writeCameraRegister(0x0C, 0x08);
  writeCameraRegister(0x3E, 0x19);
  writeCameraRegister(0x73, 0xF1);
  writeCameraRegister(0x12, 0x10);
  delay(1000); // wait for registers to be set (because it is quite slow)

As recommended here. If that doesn't help then I don't know what to do next.
i try it but no change
Installation & Troubleshooting / Problem with 9v battery
Last post by Sifou - Today at 03:01 pm
Hi, i have an unusual problem whith my arduino uno. I'm creating a robot so I use a 9v battery. My program doesn't work when i'm using my 9v battery but he runs normaly when the arduino is connected to my laptop with USB.

I tried different program so i'm sure that the trouble comes from my arduino. Do you have an idea ?

Project Guidance / Re: Simple IR to RS232 (w RS23...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 03:01 pm
What RS232 shield?
Can you post links to specs/data.
Without code or circuit we cannot really offer any solutions.

Tom... :)
Deutsch / Re: Probleme mit libraries
Last post by uwefed - Today at 03:00 pm
Installierte Bibliotheken werden erst nach einem Neustart gesehen. Darum mußt Du nach der installation die IDE schließen und wieder starten.
Grüße Uwe
Deutsch / Re: Ausgewählten Wert aus Arra...
Last post by combie - Today at 03:00 pm

In welchem Array stecken die Werte?

Wo ist dein Problem?


Software / Re: Arduino Uno + Sim900+ time...
Last post by jazpiroz - Today at 02:57 pm
ok, adjunto el código, lo pasé  como un txt.
Yes, I have the shebang in the file.

I going to re-install the software to see if that helps

This is not making sense. I've spent hours fiddling around,
reading the manual and it should of worked.

Do you have syntax highlighting and autocomplete working ?

Thanks for your help.

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