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I have just assembled and am playing with the Tinkerkit Braccio robotic arm:


I can move the robotic arm with the braccio library from github.

My problem is that, there does not seem to be documentation online for the Braccio shield. A sample of what it looks like is below ( V3 of the Braccio shield, although I have V4 ):


Alas, tinkerkit is no longer a company, the closest that I can find is from web.archive.org:


.. but still not the documentation for the shield itself, like:

  • What can I do with I0 to I5 ?
  • What is that green pin for ?
  • What about the serial pin ... can it be used to move the servo motors via commands sent from computer's tty0 to the shield ( and what are the possible serial commands and their format ) ?

Would be great if anyone did have a copy of the documentation before tinkerkit went bust.


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