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I'm new here. I'm planning to reprogram my transmitter for RC crawler but one of potentiometers are faulty  :~

Active is only black area of potentiometer board (about 90°) and I want to ask where can I get this kind of potentiometers? I spent hours by googling but with no result, I'm really desperate  =(

Many thanks for any advice  ;)


I know such devices are used in various devices like joysticks and throttle controls, a specialist component supplier like farnell
or digikey would be a place to start as they have the largest component ranges. 
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Actually, find an ohmmeter and measure the 2 opposite connections to give yourself an idea of what resistance you will be trying to find. The size looks like about a 1/10 watt device.


Thanks guys, I've already looked on Farnells and Digikeys websites but I found nothing  :smiley-fat: Potentiometer has 5kohms

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