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Topic: NodeMCU ESP8266-12E in to Espresso machine - Piggybacking factory ICs? (Read 354 times) previous topic - next topic


I've recently ended up with two amateur espresso coffee machines, a breville BES840 & Sunbeam EM6910, and after playing with my NodeMCU ESP8266-12E for a little while, I've been thinking about integration (see roughed-up diagram). Primarily I want to be able to turn the machine on remotely to warm up and monitor/regulate thermoblock temp with a K-type thermocouple and SSR, probably through a Java Webserver, and then display temp, pressure and extraction time on a small OLED.

I found the attached schematics for my two machines, and they seem to be simple 8-bit 5v ICs. Further down the track, it could be useful to directly read button inputs or drive the digital outputs of the factory IC with my ESP8266. If I use a logic level converter between ESP8266 digital pins and the associated pins on the standard IC, is there any issue with effectively piggy-backing the factory IC? Items such as pull-up resistors and signal smoothing capacitors would be doing the job for both ICs, and the digital pins of the ESP and IC (a mixture of Inputs and Outputs) would be effectively directly connected.

I'm not ready to replace the brains of the machine all together, but would love to, further down the track. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


probably through a Java Webserver
Are you SURE that the ESP8266-12E can run a JAVA web server?
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Are you SURE that the ESP8266-12E can run a JAVA web server?
I don't have loads of experience with Java, but I've seen examples of AJAX webservers on NodeMCU boards, but that's not my biggest issue.

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