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Hello everybody,

back in 2014, I started a big home automation project in a warehouse using Arduino's and openHAB (communicating through MQTT). I have 8x Arduino MEGA (4x for inputs and 4x for outputs). So far I have ~120 inputs (interrupters, PIR's, door opening detectors, smoke detectors, ...) and ~90 outputs (lights, heaters, roller-shutters, speakers, cameras, ...).
I control the outputs through 5v relay boards like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elegoo-Channel-Optocoupler-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B06XKQQXKW. These relays should handle 10 amps each but I don't really trust them (only 0.75 wires would enter anyway!). So I only connected the appliances consuming low power directly (such as cameras). The appliances consuming more power (such as heaters, lights, ...) are connected to 16A impulse relays (like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Schneider-Merlin-Tlclic-Impulse-Contactor/dp/B00902EWU8) which are controlled by the Arduino's through the relay boards. So if I want to turn a light ON, the Arduino closes the relay (on the relay board) during 150 milliseconds which creates an impulse and turns the impulse relay ON (the Arduino acts as push button).

It works since 2014 but I'd like to get rid of the Chinese relay boards to make a "clean" installation. Is there a way to connect the Arduino's directly to DIN relays / contactors?

I guess I'd need a relay / contactor with these characteristics:

Input = 5V DC
Output = 220V AC
relay type = optocoupler (the Arduino wouldn't be powerful enough to close coil relays)

Do you know if it exists? Or can you suggest something else? How are you guys doing it?

Thanks for any help!



Not clear what you want to accomplish..  Is it a mechanical problem (How to mount Arduino on DIN rail) or electrical (How to operate available DIN rail mounted relays from Arduino).. 

Maybe show us more details...
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Hello and sorry for the confusion. To answer your question. I would like to operate DIN rail mounted relays from Arduino.

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