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I'm still digging into the wireless gate sensor project. It looks like I have to use this product:

"Honeywell 5816OD Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact"

From what I have been reading, the Honeywell 5816OD uses Z-Wave.  I see quite a few Raspberry Pi Z-Wave boards but I would prefer to have something to interface to the Arduino so I don't have to worry about power outages or anything else that might kill the Raspberry PI's OS.

The end result I'm going for is just a simple LED display (red or green) to indicate a gate has been left open, one LED for each gate door.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good Z-Wave receiver that is compatible with the Arduino?



Ahh.. Found this device this morning:

Z-Uno: https://z-uno.z-wave.me/


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