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Sensors / Re: HTU21D lower then spectate...
Last post by omgalof - Today at 06:05 pm
the ting is, if i use the spark-fun library, noting changes, and this library do crc checks, if the crc did not mach the readHumidity function wold return 999
Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by Etemenanki - Today at 06:04 pm
Non e' che un "coso" del genere te lo regalano, quindi qualcuno i soldi li avra' messi ...

(uhm ... e se poi si spiattella davvero sulla cupola ? ... aspetta che apro uno dei portelloni ... :D)
Project Guidance / Re: Weather Station?
Last post by PaulRB - Today at 06:03 pm
Have you decided against WiFi? If you want to keep things simple for now, you could go 2 x esp8266 boards like Wemos Mini. The one with the display acts as a server and receives the data from the outdoor client with the sensors. No databases, webservers or scripting languages to worry about to begin with. But also less of a "dead end" in terms of hardware, because you can update the software to do more interesting stuff later. With nrf2401, you would need to add more hardware later to achieve those things, resulting a more complex and costly design overall.

Can't see why you would want to use dht22 and bme280. The bme280 does everything the Dht does, and does it better.
I solved
I have changed to
const char *DaireNo ="12"; // Daire numarası

Thanks a loooot my friend have a nice weekend.
Hello guys, I have entered the world of e-Circuits, I am following a course on the YouTube, but I want to try everything I do on the Fritzing, So and after writing the code how do I run my project on Fritzing!?

Glad to be Arduino friend :)

Kind Regards.
Hali H. Iliya
Software / Re: Convertir Int a String
Last post by Lucario448 - Today at 05:59 pm
total es una variablo tipo int
Muy limitado en rango a decir verdad.

Según lo que dice victorjam:
Como desconozco la respuesta la conclusión evidente es ver cuanto es el valor máximo de cada tipo:

  • byte: 0..255
  • int: 32767 a -32768
  • long: -2147483648 a 2147483647
  • float: 3.4028235E +38 a -3.4028235E +38

A ver si me captas: 30000 * 2 según nuestro razonamiento matemático, es 60000, ¿correcto?
Habiendo reconocido los límites, adivina el resultado de esta operación si se hace sobre un int...
Website and Forum / Re: Using this forum on a mobi...
Last post by larryd - Today at 05:59 pm
Thanks Mike!

This works with Safari, but not with Chrome.
One reason to go back to Safari, I guess.

Delta_G, 'Quoting' this works on both Safari and Chrome.

Arduino Yún / Re: ap ssid change with extern...
Last post by ari_jasberg - Today at 05:58 pm
Ok, I factory resetted my Yun, made an external rootfs on a sd card, and installed some software I need in my project. Now everything works as expected; I can change the ssid and still connect my Yun.

I would like to know if its possible to export this sequence to Arduino code, to create a loop, that would control the relay, telling it to switch on and off each neons at a given time.
No it is not possible.
Sensors / Re: HTU21D lower then spectate...
Last post by omgalof - Today at 05:54 pm
it is new(just out off the ant-static bag), and it don't have the white cover, the HTU21DF has it, the HTU21D don't
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