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hello, I want to know the voltage that provide two channels for motor DC



one shield with one stepper is nice for one direction.
Is it possible to connect a second Motor Shield R3 at the Arduino?

Thanks for information

yes you can use two, but not one on the other, you must put the other one next to your Arduino connect the pins of the "side-car" shield to others pins than the ones used by the first one ex:

Arduino pin| shield on the Arduino | side-car shield
0              |NC                          |NC
1              |NC                          |NC
2              |NC                          |BRAKE A
3              | PWM A                    |NC
4              |NC                          |BRAKE B
5              |NC                          |PWM A
6              |NC                          |PWM B
7              |NC                          |DIR A
8              |BRAKE B                   |NC
9              |BRAKE A                  |NC
10            |NC                          |DIR B
11            |PWM B                     |NC
12            |DIR A                       |NC
13            |DIR B                       |NC
A1            |SNS 0                      |NC
A2            |SNS 1                      |NC
A3            |NC                         |SNS 0
A4            |NC                         |SNS 1
A5            |NC                         |NC
(you can change the pins connection of the side car shield if you want but make sure that you don't use a used pin by the "on Arduino" shield.
Of course you also need to connect the Vin pin, Gnd pin and 5V pin.

I don't have two shield so I can't show you a photo but it is something easy to do.


i want to use servo in motor shield r3.. how to use it ?

thank you


Bonjour à tous, j'utilise arduino motor shield R3 pour alimenter diffèrents cantons d'un réseau de train miniature HO. Que se passe-t-il si au passage d'un canton à l'autre, les 2 sorties A et B de la carte se retrouvent en // pendant qq secondes ??
merci de votre réponse.





Thanks to all for the really useful posts.
I've now configured an Arduino UNO with CNC Shield V3 and 2 X Nema-17 (48mm) stepper motors - running off X and Z drivers.

The code I copied / modified includes   digitalWrite(8, LOW); // stepper motor enable, low level effective

All is working fine, but I now need to be able to let one of the motors (Z) rotate without resistance (holding torque) during part of my program.
Currently - whilst power is coming into the shield - the motor is locked/braked when it's not rotating.

Can anyone suggest commands that I can use to "un-couple" or disable the holding torque.



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is there a way to drive an old hdd motor using motor shield r3??

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