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I've played with some Arduino projects and had a good time learning some basic things.  However, I'm totally in awe of the underlying lower-level detail (electronics / electrical engineering) that makes an Arduino controller/board work.  I think I need some foundational learning so I can understand the basics of some of these complex circuits. 

What books can I use for a introduction to the whole world of electronics?  I'd like to even go so far as to understand how code can be converted into machine code and then uploaded to a controller, and executed.  Or, if I took a module such as a Bluetooth receiver module and I read the datasheet, how can I begin understanding how to integrate such a component within a larger circuit. 

I assume some people can take a whole bunch of components and integrate them into a working circuit very easily.  Help me find the right books to get there.  Thanks!


Hi, Some suggestions HERE

I think MAKE Electronics is the best place to start. I've taught electronics for, um, 40+ years and it's a good clear place to start. 
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Here some books which I used to learn the basic electronics. Hope that help you.

  • Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits-By Anant Agarwal  and Jeffrey Lang
    Microelectronic Circuits: By Sedra and Smith
  • Digital Electronic  Circuits:-By Morris Mano
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory By Robert Boylestad
  • 8051 Micro controller and Embedded system
  • Beginning Arduino By Michael McRoberts


Absolutely outstanding, for getting started with digital electronics... enough "just do it", but not only that... also a "why did that work?" and some "and what if you change..."?


"Adventures with Micro-electronics", by Tom Duncan, gives an excellent 'hands on' introduction. ISBN 07195-3671-5

ANCIENT! But still valid! You can often get via Amazon, or, failing that, Abebooks.com

See also, if you are feeling kind...



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