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Hi guys, I'm new to Arduino and Xbee. My project requires me to send datas from the one end to The Central station while sending instructions from central back to the other end. Is Xbee S1 able to operate a 2-way communication? As it's only a half duplex.

Things to be achieved for my project
Central station --> post station (sending some words to display in the LCD)
Post station --> central station (sending the data's like temperature,humidity,lux values & storing at a platform like excel file)

Please advise and guide me.


It is possible (I've been able to do it before), but it is VERY difficult depending on your desired throughput and number of XBees trying to talk to each other.

In order to get it to work, you need to plan out very carefully what each module is going to say and when they will say it. Then you can plan out a timing sequence so that each XBee has more than enough time to listen or talk without clashing with the other XBee. In short: the timing of each transmission is extremely important.

The fewer the XBees and the smaller the throughput, the more success you will probably have.
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If you designate one end as the master, and the other as a slave, and the slave only responds when the master asks for data, your scenario is trivial.

Even if both are free to talk at the same time, the chances of collision are related to the amount of time each spends transmitting. Don't try to have one read War and Peace to the other, while the other is reading the Old English dictionary back.

If there IS a collision, the XBees will try to send the message(s) again.
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@Power_Broker. My project is to design a smart lighting system for a park. Now i'm stuck at the configuration of 2X XbeeS1.
Post station to Central station = Sending data every 30mins
Central station to Post station = manually control the lighting system instead of automatic. eg: central station sending a '1' to post station which turning the lighting to 75% brightness, '2' providing 50% etc.


Now i'm stuck at the configuration of 2X XbeeS1.
If you set MY of one XBee to DL of the other, without using 0x00 or 0xFF for either one, the two XBees will talk to each other.

With sending so little data, the odds that both XBee will try to send at the same time are pretty small.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

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