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I have an ESP8266 connected to an ARDUINO DUE. The problem is, that when I try to connect to my access point via the example program "MultiSerialMega" uploaded to the DUE and with the following command send via the serial monitor

AT+CWJAP="Was ist gruen u. stinkt n. Fisch","1111111111111111"

I get an "error" as reply. When I shorten the access point's SSID to "Was ist gruen" then the ESP8266 connects. So seems to be a problem with the length (it is more than 64 bytes) of the string. I came to the conclusion that the buffer size of the serial buffer of 64 bytes could be the prolem, so I changed




in "RingBuffer.h", restarted the IDE and uploaded "MultiSerialMega" again, but I still get an error when using "AT+CWJAP="Was ist gruen u. stinkt n. Fisch","1111111111111111"".
As I have connected several devices to my access point, it would be nice if I would not have to change the SSID of it! Thanks for the answers in advance!


Jan 29, 2015, 11:16 pm Last Edit: Jan 30, 2015, 12:02 am by Joegi
...it seems that the problem is not the serial buffer as
Code: [Select]

Serial1.print("AT+CWJAP=\"Was ist gruen u. stinkt n. Fisch\"");

doesn't work either!


It seems that the ESP8266 only accepts SSIDs with a max. length of 31 bytes, but mine is 32 bytes long!


A Google search turned up this answer.
According to the documentation of the standard, the length of an SSID should be a maximum of 32 characters (32 octets, normally ASCII letters and digits, though the standard itself doesn't exclude values). Some access point/router firmware versions use null-terminated strings and accept only 31 characters.


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