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After downloading Arduino's own Eagle files on Arduino Micro I try to open them (in Eagle) and get this:


Loading C:/Users/cst/Downloads/Arduino_Micro_Rev03j.sch ...


line 135, column 25: Unexpected ''.


I tried to see if I could fix it in Notepad++ but no luck. If anyone can help it would be fantastic. Also, I downloaded the files in the hopes of using it in a larger project but since I get a Schematic file and a Board file from the .zip I don't know how to add Arduino Micro in my project (as you add resistors and such from the libraries) even if I get to opening it. If you could also help me with that all my problem should be over.

Thanks in advance.


Tried the same thing with Arduino Nano. Got this:

Loading C:/Users/cst/Downloads/Arduino Nano-Rev3.2.sch ...


line 140, column 25: Unexpected ''.



Create project in Eagle,
copy sch file to project path, then double click to open sch file

if eagle shows error , may be sch file was made with higher version of eagle then you using.


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