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Tom Carpenter

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I agree, once you get used to hex there is little need for binary.

For those that don't know, here is a little tip for Binary to hex conversion:

Take a binary number (works for any number of bits, but lets choose 13 to demonstrate):
Code: [Select]

Split it into groups of four bits starting from right to left
Code: [Select]
   1   1011   0110   1010

If there arent a multiple of four bits, then pad with zeros until there are (now you see why I chose 13)
Code: [Select]
0001   1011   0110   1010

Now convert each group into decimal [base 10] (you can skip this step when you get used to it)
Code: [Select]
 1      11      6     10

Now convert each group into hex [base 16]
Code: [Select]
 1       B      6     A

Finally, stick it back together, and you have your hexadecimal number:
Code: [Select]

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