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hi   this is my 1st post so i'll try to be concise.

im trying to use my arduino Nano and UNO in my notebook (at the same time), and here comes the problem: it only lets me use one, if i try to define 1 of the serial ports (arduino UNO or nano) automatically the other also changes! :smiley-confuse:  let me show you with this screenshots:

here is the screenshots :

 1: http://www.subirimagenes.com/otros-troubl1-9825142.html
 2: http://www.subirimagenes.com/otros-troubl2-9825150.html
 3 :http://www.subirimagenes.com/otros-troubl3-9825148.html

i hope you can help me. greetings


Open two instances of the Arduino program, one for each board.
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i tried it obviously but  no way :/ any other solution?   :(


seriously i dont know why does this happens?  i need work with this 2 boards at the same time, im doing a Nrf24L01 circuit with my Arduino UNO  and Nano   :)


well... its done jajaja  sorry for the inconveniences



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well... its done jajaja  sorry for the inconveniences
It would be nice to share the solution so others can benefit as well.

As crossroads says, opening two instances of the IDE has always worked for me. The trick is not to open the second source from within the first instance but by double-clicking the ino file of the second one.
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