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Has anyone used a Scott Edwards LCD backpack with an Arduino and got it to work?



rad this, it is almost the same code.



Thanks, I had tried that example.  I get garbage on the LCD.  I am wondering if the signal is inverted or something.  Say I send a "G" with the arduino I get something like a "v6" on the LCD.  There is a pattern to the characters.


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just compare that example code to the datasheet for the LCD backpack. You have to change some of the code very slightly, and it will work... You get "v6" on the display, for example, because the serial LCD tutorial above sends prefix characters, and the SE LCD Backpack doesn't need them.. that's one place to start.



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It is not so easy with the Scott Edwards LCD Serial Backpack. The input signal is inverted (that is more complicated than just sending ~char instead of char) so you have to:

a) use an hardware inverter, or

b) use a NewSoftSerial library which enables to invert signals.

Moreover, the LCD is quite sensitive to precise timing and good initialization.

My working example can be found here:


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