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I would like to ask you, if you know how to do it.

Let's say I had brought 2 boards like a  1 wireless module and 1 relay module with some relays on.

Now my question:

It is possible to find a business where I could get it developed as I want it and get a finished pcb board back from the manufacture.

Let's says I would like a new design of the boards and assemble it into only one pcb print/module. I think it must be possible some place.

If I got an idea but I dont know how to get all the nessary components and how to calcute the best option for the print. But I got a bunchs of ideas for some pcb prints I would love to have developed, if I can afford it.

I can not put it together by myself in Fritzing and so on. Is it possible to get the job done and where?

Looking forward to hear if you can help me.




Is Google broken today? There's lots of services out there to do this. None of them are cheap. Depending on exactly what you want to do, it could easily cost $10k. Or it might be $1k.

You can report your own post to a moderator and ask to have it moved to the "Gigs and Collaborations" section here. There are people there who can help.

Fritzing is almost - but not quite - a toy. There are much better options out there if you're willing to learn. It's not too difficult to go from breadboard construction to PCB design.

Never build just one. 3 is my minimum and I usually need a lot more: 1 to test with, 1 that I blew up testing, 1 I blew up hooking it up backwards, 1 that someone else hooked up backwards, 1 new design to prevent it blowing up when hooked backwards, 1 to keep on my bench, and 1 to send out as a spare with the 1 working unit. That's 8 already.
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If you are willing to do the electronics design and layout of the PCB yourself there are some cheap options for manufacturing some prototypes.

Oshpark is an excellent source for cheap PCB's.  I use them for all of my projects.


If you are looking for PCB development software, I like to use KiCAD.  Contextual Electronics on Youtube has an excellent tutorial course and even explains how to submit a project to Oshpark.



If you want you could just hire me lol...  :)


Itead will do this for you - drill down on their web site. They will embed Arduino etc into your board and build . Cost should be good

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