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Greetings, i'm about to buy an arduino lilypad for the first time, however while checking the store i found something that bothers me, the Lilypad Arduino USB sells for 22.90 + VAT, while the Lilypad Arduino Main Board sells for 15.90 + VAT and also has more pins, why is that? The informations on the store page are rather poor.


Please supply links to what you are looking at.


Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of. (D.Adams)


Well, in fact, it seems Lilypads are pretty abandoned...they are not even mentioned as a Genuino product...Am I wrong?


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Sure seem to be alive & active under Arduino product:
Sparkfun still carrying them
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Yes, Sparkfun are carrying them because (I suppose) they still have stock.

And yes, they are an Arduino product but...why not they are a Genuino product? This is very suspect...is the future of Lilypad family in danger? Maybe they are designing another (more modern) family of wearable boards and we don't know? What is really happening?

PD: As I've said in other post of this forum, this question is not only about Lilypads...the unbalanced stock between Arduino and Genuino products (Yún, Due, shields, etc) is shocking me.


Well...no answer...as usual  :(


You can buy them on newegg for less than Sparkfun.

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