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Also....I have used the pins,those you mentioned, very frequently with number of devices ....It never happened????
why now???
Project Guidance / Re: Trying to make code beginn...
Last post by odometer - Today at 12:04 pm
More seriously. why on earth would anyone want to encode half-past-ten like that? If you want a program that allows a user to enter times in a familiar format then deal with that as part of the user-input code and then convert the input into a single time value that represents the number of seconds, or tenths of seconds since some datum in the past.
Maybe I'm not having a user enter any times. Maybe I'm just hard-coding some times in, and I want to be able to see -- that's the key word here, see -- what my code is doing.

I am human. I am like nearly all humans in that it is not immediately obvious to me that 81000 seconds past midnight is exactly the same moment as half-past ten in the evening. And really, I don't care worth a worm-eaten fig how many or how few seconds, milliseconds, or microseconds are between the time I care about and some epoch. Maybe if I had world-class skill at mental arithmetic I would be happy dealing with times as raw seconds. But I don't, and I'm not.

That will have to do for an explanation.
Project Guidance / Re: Arduino UNO - Help me fas...
Last post by dave-in-nj - Today at 12:04 pm
This is probably too late but whatever...
I seem to remember that there is a program on-line that allows you to run your code and watch what would happen.
if you define LED's it will turn them on and off on a virtual led on-screen.

General Electronics / buzzing SG90 servo
Last post by laundru - Today at 12:02 pm
I have the same problem that discussed in this youtube video. The video tries to give some kind of solution - detaching sevo from controller - but googleing the topic I found a lot of opinion that denies this method.

I have two questions:
1. What's the reason of this phenomenon?
2. Is there any other solution of this problem?

General Discussion / best-handheld-shower-head
Last post by antwonsmith - Today at 12:01 pm
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Programming Questions / GSM not sending sms
Last post by sreekanthmp - Today at 12:01 pm
relay control through SMS using GSM900A AND Arduino uno

program copied from google.

Code: [Select]

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

// Configure software serial port
SoftwareSerial SIM900A(10, 11);

// Variable to store text message
String textMessage;

// Create a variable to store Lamp state
String lampState = "HIGH";

// Relay connected to pin 12
const int relay = 12;

void setup() {
  // Automatically turn on the shield
 /* digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(9, LOW);
  // Set relay as OUTPUT
  pinMode(relay, OUTPUT);

  // By default the relay is off
  digitalWrite(relay, HIGH);
  // Initializing serial commmunication

  // Give time to your GSM shield log on to network
  Serial.print("SIM900A ready...");

  // AT command to set SIM900 to SMS mode
  SIM900A.print("AT+CMGF=1\ ");
  // Set module to send SMS data to serial out upon receipt
  SIM900A.print("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0\ ");

void loop(){
    textMessage = SIM900A.readString();
    // Turn on relay and save current state
    digitalWrite(relay, LOW);
    lampState = "on";
    Serial.println("Relay set to ON");  
    textMessage = "";  
    // Turn off relay and save current state
    digitalWrite(relay, HIGH);
    lampState = "off";
    Serial.println("Relay set to OFF");
    textMessage = "";
    String message = "Lamp is " + lampState;
    Serial.println("Lamp state resquest");
    textMessage = "";

// Function that sends SMS
void sendSMS(String  message){
  // AT command to set SIM900 to SMS mode
  SIM900A.print("AT+CMGF=1\ ");

  SIM900A.println("AT+CMGS=\"+91798755378\"\ ");
  // Send the SMS
  Serial.println ("Set SMS Content");
  Serial.println ("Finish");
  // End AT command with a ^Z, ASCII code 26
  Serial.println ("Message has been sent ->SMS Selesai dikirim");
  // Give module time to send SMS

when i sending "STATE" sms to GSM for knowing the current status of lamp GSM not sending reply sms on my mobile.Remaining functions are ok.

Serial monitor appear like below.

Code: [Select]

SIM900A ready...AT+CMGF=1 AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0
+CMT: "+917987553768","","18/12/18,16:19:03+22"
Set SMS Content
Message has been sent ->SMS Selesai dikirim
Lamp state resquest
AT+CMGF=1 AT+CMGS="+917987553768"

Lamp is HIGH

Pls advice what are the mistakes on my programme
Software / Re: librerie I2C che bloccano ...
Last post by ORSO2001 - Today at 12:00 pm
ciao...cosa vuol dire "stanno dando problemi"?...errori in compilazione? quello che vedi nell'LCD non è coerente con quello che ti aspetti?...non scrive nulla?

per quanto scritto da zemmo...per farla semplice...I2C è un modo di trasmettere e richiedere informazioni a schede/componenti esterni ad arduino...siccome puoi averen più di uno connesso contemporaneamente un modo per far capire allo specifico componente che gli stai chiedendo qualche cosa è dare, in questo caso con configurazione hardware del modulo I2C del display, un indirizzo (ID) e specificare quest'indirizzo nei dati che invii.
c'è un programmino...mi sembra si chiami "I2C scanner"...ti dice che indirizzi sono collegati all'arduino
thanks Juraj for your reply
It looks you've gone via my code carefully.....Damn thanks for that....
I used SPI for BME 280....before i tried to go for I2C  which didnt work for BME at had to go for SPI....
As for D3....that was a mistake....i corrected it and put D4 for temperature pin
Now isnt D3 SDA pin? should I tackle this problem now.....I want to have all the devices connected to it along with  wifi.......Then when can we use the pins you mentioned.....actually this is something new I got here....where can I get this in detail.....
Thanks again Juraj
Deutsch / Re: Verständnisfrage
Last post by Hausknecht - Today at 11:57 am
Ich glaube nicht, dass der Zeitstempel vom Board abhängig ist - aber glauben heißt nicht wissen. Eher vermute ich, dass von der IDE abhängt. ich verwende die 1.8.8.

Mit den 50 mbar: Du hast verschiedene Möglichkeiten das Problem anzugehen. Entweder du fängst an mit analysieren. Zum Beispiel den Druck beim Ausschalten der Pumpe über die serielle Schnittstelle ausgeben und nach 1, 2, 3 Sec jeweils wieder ausgeben. So würdest du einen Nachlauf erkennen.

Oder du schaltest 3 mbar früher aus.
Das machst du so wie du Lust hast.

Aber erkläre doch bitte mal, warum du damals keine negativen Werte erhalten hast und nun doch!
Software / Re: librerie I2C che bloccano ...
Last post by MatteoDerrico - Today at 11:57 am

ho letto e riletto il posto... ma non è ben chiaro il problema, o almeno non riesco a capirlo io :(

se riesci a essere un po' più dettagliato nei procedimenti da te fatti allegando anche qualche pezzo di codice e un piccolo circuito farebbe comodo :)

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