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Français / Re: projet video surveillance
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 06:52 pm
Motioneye c'est pour des webcam usb - si ses caméras n'ont pas de sortie autre qu'une carte SD intégrée ça ne va être tout simple
Generale / Re: Presentazioni nuovi iscrit...
Last post by gianni49 - Today at 06:51 pm
Un grande saluto a tutti voi. Arduino è un magnifico scenario di proposte, progetti in corso e finiti. Mi sto avvicinando a questo mondo perchè interessatissimo alla domotica ed all'utilizzo di Arduino nel settore DCC del modellismo dinamico. Spero di essere utile a chi frequenta questo forum e di trovare alcune risposte ai quesiti che proporrò (il primo già proposto). Sono in meritata pensione, i miei ultimi ventisei anni di attività lavorativa li ho trascorsi come consulente informatico nel settore della produzione e del gestionale,   sviluppando applicativi in COBOL, 4GL e SQL. Il linguaggio C lo conosco appena, ma mi faccio forte con la stratificata capacità di analisi dei problemi e delle strutture dei linguaggi di programmazione. Superficiale la mia conoscenza in elettronica. Mi accontento. Buon divertimento a tutti.
Français / Re: Faire de 5 booleans une va...
Last post by kammo - Today at 06:49 pm
Je sais pas si c'est l'heure ou l'apéro, mais là, je suis dépassé.
Par contre c'est super intéressant.
Pour les << je connaissais pas, je me fais des exercices demain pour que ça rentre, merci lesept.
Par contre le PINA je vois pas d'où il sort.
J'avance dans mes projets, mais en code comme en électronique, je découvre encore plein de bases que je n'ai pas, j'apprends sur le tas. Pour dire, les && et trucs avec des !! j'ai du mal à les lire, mais ça va venir.

Merci pour vos contributions, reste à déchiffrer tout ça et à comprendre pourquoi vous n'êtes pas d'accord ^^

Bon apéro, bon appétit !
Programming Questions / Re: multiple hall sensors
Last post by blh64 - Today at 06:49 pm

First off, thanks for putting your code inside tags!

Second, I looked at your code and it appears you need to learn a bit more C programming since the code won't compile, as-is. A couple of hints to get you going...

You can't have multiple definitions of the same variable 'hallsensor'.  A beginner might use something like hallsensor1, hallsensor2, etc. or a better way would be to use an array like hallsensors[4] (if you are comfortable with that).

All your 'cylinder' variables need to have a type and you can't have spaces in the name so these should all be:
int cylinder1 = 4;
int cylinder2 = 5;

or again, use an array
int cylinders[8] = [ 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 ];

Probably the biggest issue with your code is that you can't just duplicate your interrupt code for all 4 hall sensors.  The arduino Mega only hase certain pins that allow external interrups.  Check out this link:

Good luck!
You might try changing

 if(min>1 && min<6)


 if(sec>1 && sec<30)

It's about 10 lines down from
void loop()

Frankly, I do not see the point on (trying to) helping somebody that does not understand nothing of the code.
Hi. I am trying to get a SIM900 GSM Modem to communicate with Thingspeak to transmit data from a number of sensors (just one at the moment).

I have put together some code (which I have attached) after much searching on the internet however it does not seem to communicate and transmit the data.

From what I can tell it reads the sensor value as I have run this section of the code in isolation with it outputting the value of "value" to the serial monitor.

The hardware set up is fine as the set up sends texts with the data fine and the same set up should be required to send data over the network.

I think the issue may be that it is failing to connect to the internet however I am not 100% as I dont really understand AT commands fully.

I am using a Tesco Mobile Pre-Paid Unlocked SIM card which allows data and I have tested its data connection in a phone so it should not be that which is the issue.

It could be the wrong APN info in the command:

I have got these three values from here:

If anyone could give me any pointers as to where I am going wrong it would be appreciated and if you need any other info just ask.



Displays / Re: TFT display buffering data...
Last post by DarkSteel1998 - Today at 06:48 pm
You are right. I thought about myself, I can only update what I need, but I have to rewrite all the codes to view and redraw some elements to make it work.

I thought the SPI protocol would be faster than I2C, so it was not a problem, but it was

All right, I expect some work. thanks for the advice
Generale / Re: Consiglio per cablaggio
Last post by VinDiesel - Today at 06:47 pm
Non sto capendo onestamente, in che senso "spilla collegata ad una centralina a 12V...."
Deutsch / Re: Ambitionierter Arduino Ein...
Last post by postmaster-ino - Today at 06:47 pm

Anmerkung eines Elektronik-Messi: Kauf wirklich nur, was Du gerade brauchst, nicht, was Dir gerade als Idee über den Weg läuft.
Klar hast Du dann Sensoren/Motoren/Treiber/Stripes ect.pp., also tonnenweise Spielkram - aber das Zeug ist zum 'auf Halde haben' zu schade und auch zu teuer - mit dem Zeug will gespielt werden.

Lade Dir keine zu großen Probleme auf und wenn's doch Mal so kommt, versuche Diese in kleinere Problemchen runter zu brechen - je kleiner, desto einfacher bist Du Diese los und kannst Dich um's Nächste kümmern (keine Angst, davon kommen noch genügend ;) )

Selber habe ich auch nur eine einstellbare Lötstation, nichts Wildes und für meine Zwecke, THT (Bauteile mit Beinchen), ausreichend.
Ein paar SMD-FRam habe ich mit Drähten versehen, schauen grottig aus, funktionieren aber (bzw ... bisher erst Einen getestet ...).

Lötzinn nicht zu dick - wir machen hier keine Dachrinnen - und mit Flußmittel-Seele - wobei ein Fläschchen Isopropanol, in Dem ein Klötzchen Kolophonium aufgelöst ist, schadet ganz sicher nicht.

MfG und viel Spaß mit der Elektronik
Programming Questions / Re: Unstable Potantiometer
Last post by LuckeRu - Today at 06:46 pm
My circuit is basicly that

Pot 1 ------- 5v
        ------- GND
        ------- Analog 0

Pot 2 ------- 5v
        ------- GND
        ------- Analog 1

Pot 3 ------- 5v
        ------- GND
        ------- Analog 2

nRF24L01 --- its regulator ---- 5v
               --- And other cables
               --- And other cables
               --- And other cables

LCD (16,2) -------- 5V
                 -------- GND
                 -------- SDA
                 -------- SCL

I dont know what is Linear Potantiometer. It is in a drone remote controller
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