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Hi guys,
I'm new on this forum, and in arduino as well. I want to build a MIDI controller with arduino and convert serial to midi via Hairless Midi software, but i found something strange.

Here is my breadboard:



(The led is not used in this project, i just put it in to check if the button is working.) And here comes the strange thing. if i touch the led's resistor with my hand, the code, and Hairless Midi working fine. And i got the button's 0, 127 value like this:

But if im not touching it, the numbers are constantly changing. There is some schematic problem i cant recognize.

PLS help me! I know this question is kinda messy, but if you can help me, you will make my life sooo much easier

Thx guys


I did not follow the links to your pictures (you can host them here).

But it sounds like you have a floating input.
A pull-up resistor is a common fix.


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Thanks.. Tom.. :)
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