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Hello, I have no experience with these Arduino units or programing. However, I am interested in making a shirt that monitors my heart-rate and wirelessly sends the signal to a unit with a color (backlit) display on my handlebars that also tracks air temp, altitude, incline, speed, and possibly GPS capabilities. Additionally it would be nice to integrate some form of flexible electo-luminescent material into the shirt for safely reasons. 

Below is a link for an electrocardiogram schematic that might help. I am looking at the top portion of the article as I would like to monitor my full spectrum cardio performance over terrain and altitude.

A few things to consider.

  • perspiration might be an issue

  • weight and overall profile must be minimal

  • flexibility and comfort will also have to be considered

If I can get a general parts list and suggestions I can do the rest. Additionally, I would be happy to share credit with any contributors. and post my results on the forum.

Thank you all for your help


I would even be satisfied with the shirt that tracks my EKG and saves the data to an SD card. I am interested primarily on analyzing my cardio performance.


Well, the Arduino Lilypad is specially designed to fit on clothing. You can get an SD-card shield.
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