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I am try to do an IoT project using HIP DEX protocol, I tried lot to implement but couldnt find the result so can any one help by saying how it possible to implement HIP DEX protocol in arduino?


You need to post a link to some documentation of the protocol.

You need to post a link to whatever hardware is using that protocol.

You need to post the code you tried to develop. You need to say what the code actually does, and how that differs from what you expect.
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this is the link for HIP-DEX protocol:  https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-hip-dex-05

I'm using arduino board..

My project is based on IoT health care system which is used for sportsperson. Using temperature, pressure, muscle and heart beat sensors may use in my system to monitor the health condition of the person. after getting the reading it will send to BLUEMIX cloud for storing and analysing. Arduino to BLUEMIX cloud I'm use HIP-DEX communication protocol that would make the communication more secure.. So I tried lot to implement this protocol but i couldn't fulfil it.

I don't have a working code of this since this haven't done early .

So please try to help to forward my project..

Thank you

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