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Hey everyone...i was looking for an electronics simulation software for drawing electronic circuit..however it should also include microcontrollers and possibly an arduino so that i can my results through simulation..currently i am doing it manually on breadboard..but when i need to send schematic drawings for manufacter for PCB..i have to draw it on paper..which looks kind of amateur...any suggestions would help thank you...


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Eagle is good for doing circuit layouts, it doesn't do electrical simulations (if thats what the OP was asking for)



Eagle is good for doing circuit layouts, it doesn't do electrical simulations (if thats what the OP was asking for)

yes iam aware of eagle and infact i have started seeing eagle tutorials on youtube..and they are pretty awesome...but the only thing is that it does not simulate..but thanks anyways..any other software where simulation also takes place..so i can check how much current or voltage is going through a certain component..check out graph..or just simply check out where the circuit is working or not..thanks guys...


Both multisim and tina can do mixed mode simulations and they have circuit layout abilities as well. But the are not free, or even cheap, and in my experience rather limited


LTSpice is free and has quite good community support (there is a Yahoo group).


But its for Analogue simulation (I'm not sure if it does digital at all)

LTSpice's user interface is a little hard, and also setting up the simulation can seem odd, but once you get used to it, its OK.

I think there is a also a method to design in Eagle and then simulate in LTSpice, but the issue is that the symbols in Eagle and the simulation symbol (thingies ) that LTSpice uses, have to match, (and they are completely different sets of data)

So I tend to just draw things up in LTSpice if I want to do a simulation of a piece of analogue electronics.

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You really cannot get much better than the breadboard.

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