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Hi, I'm looking for someone to finish my program. I found a programmer on here before and they lost intrest and stopped replying to emails. This time I will pay for only a completed project. The program is a directory of recipes for 20 liquids. when the user selects the recipe the app sends the recipe pump times to
the Arduino by bluetooth. The Arduino controls each pump for the specified times transmitted from App. Anyone interested?


when the user selects the recipe the app sends
What app?

How much of the project is working? How much still needs to be done?
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Sounds interesting, can you tell more about the project e.g. schematic?
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Is that app part of the project to be finished? Or is the communication between app and Arduino finished and nicely tucked away in a library, so it can simply be read from the main program?

What is done, what not yet?
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So, how difficult is the protocol over bluetooth? That is - what does the app send to the arduino? I'm not sure what's involved in establishing the bluetooth connection on the arduino side. Been a while since I fooled about with that sort of thing.

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