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There are optocoupler specific for AC, es.  sfh620a, but don't know if is useful in this specific case.

Ciao, Ale.
Project Guidance / Re: Arduino Plinko
Last post by wildbill - Today at 03:53 pm
Take a look at the examples that come with the IDE. Basics->DigitalReadSerial would be a good place to start.
Website and Forum / Re: What do you like most abou...
Last post by larryd - Today at 03:53 pm
Why do you ask?

I just bought a genuine nano from arduino's own website and could not communicate to it whatsoever using any of the nano bootloader options. Turns out it recognized itself as an arduino uno rather than a nano. Try uploading as an uno and see if it makes a difference.
Robotics / Re: Problem in voice control u...
Last post by Tmkocsociety - Today at 03:52 pm
Thanks for you help  :)
But being new, i didnt understand properly everything.
What exactly i have to do ??pls tell
Sensors / Re: problem with my pressure s...
Last post by outsider - Today at 03:51 pm
What is you ADC reading at 0 pressure? Should be near 104.
Français / Attiny + relais
Last post by az1234 - Today at 03:51 pm
Bonjour à tous,

Apres avoir passé plusieurs temps à faire de petit projet à l'aide de carte arduino, je souhaite maintenant m'initier aux Attiny.

Mon premier projet sous Attiny consiste à activer/désactiver un relais.
j'ai déjà un relais et un attiny84 mais je me demande si l'attiny est capable de faire fonctionner ce relais. ( pas d'un point de vue code mais plutot technique.)

La tension de la bobine est de 5V
Le courant de la bobine est de 90 mA

Merci d'avance
Programming Questions / Re: DC motor cannot stop
Last post by Due_unto - Today at 03:47 pm
Without positional feedback the software flag method will have a 50% chance of starting up in the wrong position when first turned on or recovering from a power failure. You need to add some type of sensor that can reliably determine the status of the line during startup. Bear in mind that the sensor has to take into account mechanical inertia so that the mark on the line does not run past the sensor as the motor slows to a stop.
Once you have a sensor in place that gives good feedback then you can consider using that sensor as a limit switch or as an input to the MCU to set a status flag.
Français / Re: Envoyer du texte par bluet...
Last post by Dylan124 - Today at 03:46 pm
Mais pourtant j'arrive à me connecter au bluetooth avec mon application sans utiliser HardwareSerial mais lorsque je teste le programme je ne reçois pas 10 et je ne vois pas non plus 10 sur le moniteur. :/
How can I replace the 'radio.write' function with 'sprintf'
You can't. What sprintf() does is populate the array that you want the radio.write() method to send.

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