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Title: DC-DC Power Isolation
Post by: woganaga on Oct 07, 2012, 04:19 pm
I would like to add some sensors to my controller project which i completed recently (,109316.msg855545.html) . 

The sensor circuitry requires its power  to be isolated from the controller.   The data output from the sensor will be opto-isolated from the input pins on the arduino chip.

The question is will the DCP021212 do the trick:   

The sensor circuitry is low power draw and requires +12V input.      Would using the DCP021212 achieve the same result as using a separate transformer power supply to galvanically isolate the sensor from the controller board?

Thx in adavance as usual... sorry for the n00b questions in advance.
Title: Re: DC-DC Power Isolation
Post by: Docedison on Oct 07, 2012, 04:56 pm
Yes it meets the spec for an isolated supply It will draw about 200 mA to supply 167mA @ 12V with a 1KV isolation barrier . I hope this helps.