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Title: "Nano Shield" for SimpleSDAudio library.. SD card and audio amp. Pls review
Post by: TroyO on Jan 08, 2013, 12:42 am
I have been working on a "shield" for the Gravitech Arduino Nano that will read from an uSD socket and play the audio through a 2W audio amplifier. (More will be added later, but I hope this is a useful sub-project for someone.)

For now, if anyone is just dying to go over a newbs work to look for flaws  ]:) please do so.

Attached are the schematic in PDF format, as well as the Eagle 6.3 files and here are the datasheets to the major components.

Arduino Nano



Even just a quick check for bonehead errors is appreciated! It does pass Eagle ERC and DRC so hopefully it's not too bad.

Anyone reading this later THIS IS AN UNTESTED/UNPROOFED/UNPROVEN design. DO NOT USE.

Thanks in advance!