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1981  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Bar Sport / Real time clock a waste of time ? on: September 13, 2009, 08:38:54 am
I've had an arduino running for over 2 weeks and I've been monitoring among other things, the time reported by millis();.  It has been logged once a minute by an ntp corrected computer, over the space of 14 days the internal clock had gained 8637 milliseconds, which makes it slightly more accurate than the Casio on my wrist.........

Its a 'real' Italian Duemilanove, can't vouch for cheap clones with Ceramic resonators. smiley-wink
1982  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Bar Sport / Re: The stupid mistakes thread on: August 24, 2009, 04:19:10 pm
I've dropped a bike or two in my time, the little 125s and 200s are of little consequence other than broken indicators and stuff, its the big beggers that take 2 of you to get it back on its wheels, highly humiliating........

Soldering up something wrong, realising you've screwed up, spending 10 minutes with a solder sucker pulling it in bits and then...   soldering it back up again the same wrong way.  :smiley
1983  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Uno Punto Zero / Re: WILL any Body HELP! (Parallel Programmer) on: January 17, 2011, 06:24:22 am
You could try changing the parallel printer mode in the BIOS.  

Mine has the options of Output only,Bidirectional, ECP and EPP.  The first two are the most likely to work.
1984  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Uno Punto Zero / Re: Lost opportunity on: October 26, 2010, 02:55:52 pm
The odd spacing was a 'brain fart' caused by the rush to meet some deadline on the first issue Arduino boards.  The early shields were made to fit the error and then it couldn't be changed without causing problems with the shields.  Nothing to stop them putting a second row inside the 'official' one at the correct spacing however.  Would make stripboad shields an awful lot easier.......
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