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16  Forum 2005-2010 (read only) / Exhibition / Arduino <> Firmata <> Visual Basic .NE on: May 04, 2009, 07:17:14 pm
Hi all,

In an attempt to make creating .NET applications that can easily communicate with an Arduino using a serial port i've put together a .NET component that implements the Firmata V2.0 protocol - FirmataVB.dll. This has been written by adapting existing Firmata library code into Visual Basic.

The FirmataVB.dll encapsulates a .NET SerialPort component and provides properties, events and methods to receive and send digital and analog messages via Firmata to and from an Arduino running the Standard Firmata sketch.

I've also put together a couple of User Controls and sample applications to make testing the FirmataVB library quick and easy.

Theres a DigitalPinControl that provides pre-coded options, buttons, slider bars and graphics to receive and send digital Firmata messages. You can simply drag the DigitalPinControl onto a form to create as many instances as you have pins on your Arduino board

To go with the DigitalPinControl there's also an AnalogPinControl to receive values from the analog pins on the Arduino.

You can freely download the component, user controls and all the project code at:

This is a work in progress and I'd appreciate any feedback, comments and suggestions for improving the code and controls.

All the code and applications are open source and licensed under the GNU GPL V3 licence..

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