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The safety switch relay does not connect directly to the ATtiny44.  Instead, the relay controls the power to the chip Vcc (Pin 1).  To simulate this on the breadboard, I just plug and unplug the power source.

This is true but I would need to include a separate switch in order to customize the code for the X7 classic. The relic requires being powered by pressing the programming button, and programming mode is only entered if you activate the board with the trigger pulled. The electromagnetic relay would only serve as a precondition for alternate firing modes to be activated, as the board being powered but the relay untriggered constitutes a separate, electronic, semi-automatic firing mode. This might be a problem, considering the limited available memory space.

A mixture of both.  The stock board has the ability to detect low voltage from the battery and indicate that the battery is low to the user.  I have not finished researching this, but I don't really have the space for it on the chip either.  It was that or presets.  For firing modes, I don't have any ramping.  I would like to include some version of it.  I'm trying to optimize the code a bit (without going to assembly) and might be able to make room for one more firing mode (fingers crossed).

I could possibly buy another stock board for my Phenom, to experiment with the t84. Then I would be less likely to get bruised up like seven hells if it spazzes out. I'm game. Give me a couple weeks though.

Crazy?  Absolutely!  But we're all a little crazy.  We've had similar ideas about adding peripherals (kill counter, ammo counter, ...).  For this, I think we would include a separate enclosure with a picatinny mount so it could store a separate battery for itself, and link up to the stock board with a cable tied to the pinouts (drawing as little current as possible to get the job done).  I'm not a hardware guy, but I think this is possible.

Haha I never thought of that. A separate device with its own power supply would be great, if it means the etrigger device works independently of the battery condition of the peripheral. Potentially this could be a total conversion awesomification set to make your Phenom a goddamn Starship Troopers space gun to distinguish it from that there gaggle of "normal" space laser guns.
2  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: July 28, 2012, 07:28:54 am
Thank you for the schematic, very clear and helpful. It would only take one more resistor to add a switch (the safety switch electromagnetic relay), correct? I've only ordered 10 which should be here shortly. Which pin does it use on the Phenom?

I could solder on an t84 right away if I thought I had the skill. Maybe I can ask a friend to help me though. What functions were you thinking of, more firing modes or more refined logic?  Originally, I envisioned an I²C library to have it connect to other devices such as a display and scroll wheel. Crazy, I know. I shelved the idea when I realized it would probably severely impact battery life and reliability.
3  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: July 27, 2012, 08:45:05 am
I got my USBASP programmer yesterday after 23 days waiting. Of course this happened during the time the wiki was down haha. I successfully programmed one of the spare ATTINY44 chips using WinAVR though; now I wonder if there's any way to test it. Do you have a picture or schematic for a test bed breadboard? If not, don't sweat it. I'll have to study the x7 chip to figure out differences with the Phenom anyway. Also, would upgrading to an ATTINY84 have a significant impact on anything?
4  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: June 29, 2012, 08:02:24 pm
I agree.  My neighbor has an eGrip for the A5 and it didn't seem to be powered by a Atmel chip.  I wasn't able to get too close, but I would guess by the switches used to modify the firing modes, that it is not powered by a microcontroller.
It is an 8-pin something something that I'm not too familiar with.  smiley It'll be a project for a time when resources are scarce I suppose.

In the Phenom board, there are three electromagnetic relays that are used to turn on the board, and sense when the trigger is pulled.  I may have been wrong in how I'm using them (it has been a burning question in my head since I started).  Out of the 3 relays, I'm utilizing 1 of them.  2 of the relays appear to be identical; they sense when the trigger is pulled.  The other relay does not appear to connect directly to the micro controller (it is used to power the board).

On the Phenom, there is a rare earth magnet in the safety switch.  When the switch is rotated to full auto, the magnet activates a relay to power on the board.  I'm not sure how an APE board is powered on for the x7.  It's possible that their board has another relay to sense the mechanical safety-switch position as well as full auto.  In other words, this may not be possible for the x7 or Phenom without modifying the hardware on the board.
There are three electromagnetic relays on the X7C board. Two are on adjacent opposite positions on both sides of where the trigger magnet is situated on a trigger pull, while one is situated on the other side of the board, outside where the magnet in the safety switch "wing" positions itself if you flip it one more step into the programmed mode (for the Phenom, where the electronics kick in).  I'm fairly confident, after bending the two mirrored relays a bit back and forth, that they are essentially giving the same information to the controller. Perhaps there is two of them because of redundancy, or polarity sensing limitations. The safety switch relay is only on one side for obvious reasons. Do you have any insight into the mechanical mode and how it is relayed?

Edit: Well now I feel stupid. Of course the mechanical mode is not relayed, that's the entire point.  smiley-roll-blue
5  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: June 29, 2012, 10:59:09 am
Yes, I may be overreaching in respect to my skill level there.  smiley-roll-blue The 98 pro / A5 board is not nearly similar to the x7 / Phenom family.  I disassembled it and recognized absolutely zero major components. I'll shelf the idea.

The adapter cradle (I don't know if it's called that but it sounded right) is perhaps the laziest way to reprogram the chips; then again, I am lazy and my rate of success hinges solely on a trial-and-error basis. Plus, I'm a lumberjack by trade and my abrasive, clumsy hands are not meant for precision soldering. Perhaps, with some luck - and a stanley knife - a cradle component like the one on top of that adapter can be soldered onto the motherboard itself. Could be useful for swapping chips fast.

As for the programming itself; from studying pictures and specification write-ups of the two boards, it seems this software is compatible without major modifications. The hardest challenge would presumably be swapping the mechanical mode on the Phenom eGrip with a semi-auto mode (or another slot for programmable firing modes, like on the APE board). Without modifications, I presume the board will either default to the programmed setting, not function on semi-auto, or not function at all. Murphy's Law tells me it's the latter, so I'll begin scouring the code itself to look for the loops I need to focus on. The two boards may be one magnetic sensor component off from being the exact same board, however.

I am a complete noob at this so bear with me if something I say makes absolutely no sense.
6  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: June 29, 2012, 06:00:29 am
So I disassembled the eGrip on my X7 classic. Under a sticker on the chip I found the markings of an Atmel ATtiny44. (jackpot!) It is a stock Tippmann board, and from what I can understand the board is very closely related to the Phenom, moreso than the 98c and A5. I also own a 98pro and will disassemble it tomorrow to see if it is the same chip. This project may help a bunch of people if this is correct, not just Phenom users.

I don't have an adequate camera on hand. However, I compared with pictures found online and this is the exact same board, only mine is blue and with the solenoid still soldered on (mine fell off and I had to stick it back on) and a capacitor on the back that reads 6800µF / 10V.

Perhaps it is my calling to port this amazing code to other Tippmann eGrips. I figured I might as well try the X7C first because the board is already soldered back and forth a few times.  smiley-grin

Thanks for the links by the way, but I fear the shipping fee is a bit excessive. $30 to ship a $1 chip of negligible weight to Norway seems off-putting somehow. I'll look for the part elsewhere.

Edit: I ordered an adapter cradle for ATtiny chips, the chips themselves and some breadboards from ebay and farnell.
7  Topics / Device Hacking / Re: Dumping firmware/software...and/or reflashing?? on: June 28, 2012, 09:45:52 pm
Hello! I am very impressed by your work here and have ordered some cheap programmer to attempt some of this myself.  smiley

My programming skills are sub-par and I may not be as able as willing to contribute, though, fair warning.  smiley-roll-blue I wondered about two things primarily, to start things out. One, is it reasonable to buy a new chip and experiment with that one, using your code as the starting point? By doing this I will keep a spare chip and sleep at night smiley-wink Two, I also have an X7 classic I'd like to experiment with, how much of the code would conceivably need to be rewritten to suit the classic's trigger system and solenoid?

Keep up the good work!
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