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However, it's bent over like an old man with a bad back. You notice that result of it being bent over
so is that, it takes much longer [ie, moves farther] to stabilize when moving away from the camera
than towards the camera. And this problem is worse when the external disruption is greater - thus
running all the way off the table before stabilizing.

You are right it has an "unbalanced" frame, thus making the balancing asymmetrical, fixing that evolves rebuilding the frame so the center of gravity would be on the wheel axis - and that involves cutting tools and screwing stuff, my very least favorite thing to do... ( in my defense - i am a software developer smiley-wink )....
2  Topics / Robotics / Re: And another self balancing robot on: August 23, 2012, 08:26:56 am
The shooting off the table part is caused by non tuned bluetooth remote controller.... what brings me to another issue - the hardware list missing the bluetooth serial controller.
3  Topics / Robotics / And another self balancing robot on: August 18, 2012, 06:19:34 am
Just wanted to share my code, in case someone, one day may find it useful


Source code:

Self balancing robot based on Arduino UNO ATmega328 microcontroller

Hardware list:
    arduino uno
    dual mc33926 motor carier
    lipo 11.1 v / 1300 mAh power cell
    MinIMU-9 Gyro
    2x Motors, 12V 1A (max 2A), 50:1 gear ratio, 6kg/cm peak force
    big wheels
    jy-mcu v1.02 ( Bluetooth RF Transceiver )

Operation basics:

    Read raw gyro
    Read raw accelerometer
    Calculate current angle
    Calculate engine torque with PID controller
    Correct current position
    Do the same thing over and over again ( should be around 100 Hz )

I decided against Kalman filter in favour of Complementary Filter
as its has almost same performance but without the complexity of Kalman filter.
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