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1  Topics / Education and Teaching / Re: Wich programing language to learn on: September 24, 2012, 03:58:52 am
Thank you guyz for the links, its great to see your code and code comments. Thx for the offer to help with arduino once i start Terry, i will let you know when i get stuck, ty.

I see its quite important to write code efficiently. I've just finished Class and Variables with multiple parameters so i still got whole heap of stuff to learn, but now i will definitely give extra attention for writing code properly, and practice it from begining.

2  Topics / Education and Teaching / Re: Wich programing language to learn on: September 23, 2012, 08:40:42 am
Thank you guyz for helping me out, i'm quite blury when it comes to this, thats becouse i dont have the big picture of how its all connected to eachother, software, languages, hardware(readymade souch arduino and alike), and electronics ofc.

Reason why your input is of souch importance to me before i go and learn stuff is, i'm acquainted enough to know learning this stuff is never ending process, so better start with right stuff.

Just to make it clear, i didn't ment to say that arduino is not powerful, merly that i would like to become quite a knowledgable person so i can work with more hardware platforms depending on what i need.

For instance, i was told that arduino can do anything you want, but when useing 2 arduino serial connection over longer distance ethernet cable, it is not recommended to use arduino base for video streaming onto small display (for this matter, handheld controller with display, no aditional computer). Not enough speed/memory or something like that, and thats something i really need for my ultimate project one day, but theres no rush, get my basics straight and slowly work my way up.

Also, i'm certantly gonna learn more languages, even from my beginer perspective it was obvious to me that this aint gonna happen if i learn just one thing and now when you advised me to learn more than one, i'm gonna do just that.

Again, thank you so much for helping me out.


3  Topics / Education and Teaching / Wich programing language to learn on: September 23, 2012, 05:37:56 am
Hi guyz, i'm new to programing and i've started to learn c++, now my question would be am i doing it the right way? Is it best to learn c++ and then start doing arduino programing, asking as eventualy i want to be able to write a program that has a user interface wich controls arduino depending on the user input.

Will C++ knowledge help me understand all about programing behind the hardware or would i would be better of to learn C. Just a sidenote, i want to be able to progress to more powerful hardware with time so looking for best programing language to achive that.

Much abliged
4  Topics / Education and Teaching / Re: Where to start and where to go from there? on: September 12, 2012, 04:47:26 am
  Hi everyone,
recently i found arduino on the internet and started reading and watching videos of what it can do so i decided to give it a try, i have always wanted to build "semi-robots aka remote operated not automated" but never had any education on programing or electronics.

  That said, im complete and total noob when it comes to this, i just hope with time i would be able to learn enough to build a humble sea raw robot with hand held controller with small screen.

   I am aware that this isnt a one day thing, infact i see it as never ending learning process and really it doesn't matter how much it will take but i want to learn to program and learn about electronics. If i ever get to a point of working prototype i would love to share it with everyone and try to make a small plug and play hobiest open source rov for everyone with hopes the code and "design" could be refined as much as possible cost and performance wise.

So i'm hopeing you guyz could advise me what i should get first, what arduino board and what extras for first basic beginner "projects" in arduino begginer books, links would be of a great help. Really appriciate your help and time you take to help me out.

P.S. i plan to learn about electronics and programing from moste simple basics to more advance stuff

Take care
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