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1  Development / Suggestions for the Arduino Project / Arduino Simulator suggestion on: September 19, 2012, 07:15:25 am
It isn't always easy for some people (especially students) to get parts to learn more about using the Arduino etc. so I have a suggestion.

What would be the likelihood of anyone being willing to make an Arduino simulator?
Basically, you load up the simulator, plug in what you want to plug in on it (resistors, servo motors,thermonuclear reactors etc.) then upload the code you want to test so you can see roughly if your code/build is viable for what you want to do.

Obviously it would be good for people to still actually build physically things as much as they can. This suggestion is mostly because as a student, being able to afford luxuries such as this (an opportunity to learn more is sadly considered a luxury) somewhat puts a damper on being able to use it as a learning aid to its fullest.
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