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1  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: ELI5 - Setting up and running MOP-GL12232B-BGFW on: October 02, 2012, 07:34:30 pm
Thanks for the help!
2  Using Arduino / Displays / ELI5 - Setting up and running MOP-GL12232B-BGFW on: September 23, 2012, 12:46:33 pm
I have this parallel graphic display:

Datasheets: and

It has two SED1520 compatible controllers

I am very new to serial/parallel programming and I am having a hard time understanding how to get the timing correct so I can start sending commands to this display. If any non-novice electrical people could spread some knowledge I would be indebted.

LCD Pins => Arduino Pins

Pin1(Vss):  Ground               => GND
Pin2(Vdd): Voltage for logic  => 5v
Pin3(V0):   Contrast             => Not connected
Pin4(RS):   Register Select    => 0
Pin5(CS1): Chip Enable (L)    => Not connected
Pin6(CS2): Chip Enable (R)    => Not connected
Pin7(CL):  Clock                  => Not connected
Pin8(E):    Enable                => 1
Pin9(R/W): Read/Write       => GND (I do not want to read from LCD)
Pin10(DB0): Data bit 0         => 3
Pin11(DB0): Data bit 1         => 4
Pin12(DB0): Data bit 2         => 5
Pin13(DB0): Data bit 3         => 6
Pin14(DB0): Data bit 4         => 7
Pin15(DB0): Data bit 5         => 8
Pin16(DB0): Data bit 6         => 9
Pin16(DB0): Data bit 7         => 10

After some more research I realize that CS1 and CS2 set which side of the display I need to write to.

1. Does the clock (CL) need to be connected to a pin?
and if so do I need to modulate the pin high/low at a specific rate?
2. How do I get the timing correct for this display so I can start sending commands and data?
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