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1  Community / Exhibition / Gallery / Re: LPD8806 LED strip project on: December 11, 2012, 10:35:36 am
Cool project! I am looking to start my first arduino project with lpd8806 lights. Hopefully I can learn it as fast as you did  smiley-grin

I have spoken to a few (15) china suppliers. Looks like the going rate is about $40 for 5m and then $40-50 shipping via DHL.

Well, $98.89 was the total after shipping and paypal fees for 3 - 5m 5050 PD8806 Strips, 300/5m, ip68, Tape Backing.

What supplier did you get this price from?

I would like to know this as well.  I got a quote from Greeled, and after all the fees I could buy 5m for the same price on Ebay.
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