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1  Using Arduino / General Electronics / understand triac data sheet ? on: March 18, 2013, 02:17:30 pm
hello im a newb can some one explain to me what part of this data sheet refers to the voltage needed to allow current to flow on this triac Q6012Lh5
heres a link
thanks for your time
2  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Siri and arduino ? on: March 05, 2013, 09:26:38 am
Hey guys I'm looking to start that smart how project here been looking around but have found much any one got a tutorial link using siri from the iPhone or some other voice recog software with arduino?
3  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / claw machine mega controled on: February 16, 2013, 12:24:07 pm
hello guys im new to the arduino and im trying to control one of those old claw machines that you would see at an arcade place or in some resturants with and arduino! ive got some code wrote for it so far and would like to know your opinions on how my programming is and maybe some tips for improvement. ill post the code ive got so far below. some info on the machine it has about 14 inputs and about 10 outputs in you count each motor direct as a diffrent output. all the inputs im referring to in the program are are basic limit switches with no or nc set of contacts even the joy stick buttons except for the the  drop claw button , and the dollar receiving and the coin receiving inputs. there is also a 2 digit 7 segment display that i will eventually need to control as well for counting down 30 seconds for each turn. so far i have just basic motor controls, i do not have the money receiving yet because im not sure how the dollar mech works and havent checked the voltage signals for the mechanical coin input. thanks for you time and would appreciate your input.

 // constants won't change. they're used here to
// set pin numbers
// bridge limits and claw limits
const int lsfwrdPin = 22;
const int lsdwnPin = 23;
const int lsleftPin = 24;
const int lsrightPin = 25;
const int lsclawtensionPin = 26;
const int lsclawdoorPin = 27;

// joy movment buttons
const int joyfwrdPin = 28;
const int joydwnPin = 29;
const int joyleftPin = 30;
const int joyrightPin = 31;
// dorp claw
const int dropclawbuttonPin = 32;
// motors controled
const int motor1fwrdPin = 34;
const int motor1dwnPin = 35;
const int motor2rightPin = 36;
const int motor2leftPin = 37;
// claw motor
const int motor3upPin = 38;
const int motor3dwnPin = 39;

// variables will change
int lsfwrdState = 0;
int lsdwnState = 1;
int lsleftState = 2;
int lsrightState = 3;
int joyfwrdState = 4;
int joydwnState = 5;
int joyleftState = 6;
int joyrightState = 7;
int lsclawtensionState = 8;
int lsclawdoorState = 9;
int dropclawbuttonState = 10;
int motor3dwnState = 11;
int motor3upState = 12;

void setup(){
  pinMode(motor1fwrdPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor1dwnPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor2rightPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor2leftPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor3upPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor3dwnPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(lsfwrdPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lsdwnPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lsleftPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lsdwnPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(joyfwrdPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(joydwnPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(joyleftPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(joyrightPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lsclawtensionPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(lsclawdoorPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(dropclawbuttonPin, INPUT);

void loop(){
  // reads the state of buttons
  lsfwrdState = digitalRead(lsfwrdPin);
  lsdwnState = digitalRead(lsdwnPin);
  lsleftState = digitalRead(lsleftPin);
  lsrightState = digitalRead(lsrightPin);
  joyfwrdState = digitalRead(joyfwrdPin);
  joydwnState = digitalRead(joydwnPin);
  joyleftState = digitalRead(joyleftPin);
  joyrightState = digitalRead(joyrightPin);
  lsclawtensionState = digitalRead(lsclawtensionPin);
  lsclawdoorState = digitalRead(lsclawdoorPin);
  dropclawbuttonState = digitalRead(dropclawbuttonPin);
  motor3dwnState = digitalRead(motor3dwnPin);
  motor3upState = digitalRead(motor3upPin);
  // check if joy button is pressed(high) and limit
  // switch is off(low) if true motor is on(high)
  // fwrd motor contorl
  if (lsfwrdState == LOW && joyfwrdState == HIGH) {

    digitalWrite(motor1fwrdPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motor1fwrdPin, LOW);
 // back motor control
  if (lsdwnState == LOW && joydwnState == HIGH){
   digitalWrite(motor1dwnPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(motor1dwnPin, LOW);
 // left motor control
 if (lsleftState == LOW && joyleftState == HIGH){
   digitalWrite(motor2leftPin, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(motor2leftPin, LOW);
 // right motor control
 if (lsrightState == LOW&& joyrightState == HIGH){
   digitalWrite(motor2rightPin, HIGH);
 else{ digitalWrite(motor2rightPin, LOW);
 // the following commands under are for claw functions 
 if (dropclawbuttonState == HIGH && ){
   digitalWrite(dropclawbuttonPin, HIGH);
     else{ digitalWrite(dropclawbuttonPin, LOW);

 if (dropclawbuttonState == HIGH && //need code for the closed claw reaching its home postion where it drops the prize needs to go here, not finished
 // i was thinking that i could move it foward till limit is reach and the move side ways till limit is reached, which would put the claw at the prize drop
   if (lsclawtensionState == LOW && dropclawbuttonState == HIGH){
  digitalWrite(motor3dwnPin, HIGH);
else{ digitalWrite(motor3dwnPin, LOW);

//clawtension high needs to latch m3up until clawdoorlimit is high
if (lsclawtensionState == HIGH){
  digitalWrite(motor3upPin, HIGH);
if (motor3upState == HIGH){
  digitalWrite(motor3upPin, HIGH);
  if (lsclawdoorState == HIGH){
    digitalWrite(motor3upPin, LOW);
4  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: which micro relay to use? on: February 15, 2013, 12:12:20 pm
okay so some more of the story im trying to replace a 1987  claw machine board with and arduino and i was asking about which relay to use to control the bridge motors which are 120v ac and i looked um sum parts on the orginal board and they have QTC MOC 3023 optical isolator controling  Q6012LH5 triac to supply power to the motors what do you guys still think about using the micro relays ?
5  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: which micro relay to use? on: February 15, 2013, 11:59:12 am
thanks for the help guys i appreciate it another question came to mind from the first response so how much current can an arduino Digital out put pin handle before somthing fries ?
6  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / which micro relay to use? on: February 15, 2013, 08:40:56 am
hi im trying to switch 120v ac motors for a claw machine on and off and think micro relay would be the most simple way of doing so with digital outputs from the arduino, so im looking for a 5v coil relay capable of handling 120volts. Im new to arduino and would appreciate the help. thanks for your time. 
7  Development / Suggestions for the Arduino Project / Arduino ladder logic programming ?? on: February 15, 2013, 08:34:43 am
i think it would be awesome to be able to program the arduino using something similar to ladder logic type diagrams, like logix pro for allen bradley.
symbols are easy ! maybe theres some like it already? thoughts and opinions ?
8  Using Arduino / Programming Questions / Latching memory ?? on: February 12, 2013, 09:38:02 pm
I need an output to turn and stay high after the start button has gone back to false.
A latch from a momentary start
So input button goes high output goes high when input button goes back to false output remains high
9  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / how to latch? basic motor start with memory on: February 12, 2013, 08:24:41 pm
okay so i need to have a motor turn on when a basic limit switch N.O. changes from the LOW state to HIGH, and have to motor stay on after the switch goes back to LOW.
A basic motor momentary start with memory, not sure how to write this in the arduino language used to simple ladder loggic.
would appreciate a sample. thanks for your time and have a nice day smiley
10  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: Is it possible ?????!!!! on: January 23, 2013, 12:55:34 am
Of course I would need and external voltage supply for the motor controls, are there any shields capable of sustaining this ?? Thanks again
11  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Is it possible ?????!!!! on: January 23, 2013, 12:53:40 am
Hello I'll get straight to the question. Is it possible for an arduino to handle a machine that requires  14
different inputs maybe simple limit switches. And has 3 outputs (12 volt dc motors)foward and reverse , only one needs the be ran at a time. Also 1 variable electromagnet and a 2 place 14 bit led display???

 I was thinking I could control the motors with relay but I would need quite a few about seven or eight and I'm sure 14 inputs would be easy for and atmega 2560.

What do you guys think?? Thanks for reading and good luck with your arduino projects !!
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