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1  Using Arduino / Sensors / Re: Newbie thinking about using ARDUINO: Need 5 rotary encoders - possible? on: October 02, 2012, 07:24:31 am
if u use one 4051 u need 4 arduino pins to get 8 input pins...
if u use two 4051 and an inverter u need 5 arduino pins to get 16 input pins...

what kind of rotary encoder do u use?
how many output pins do they have?
if they had 1 analog output pin (like a potentiometer) u could connect 6 of them to an arduino uno:

Hi Arne,
thank you for your reply.

to 1) If thought of this solution:

to 2) It up to the solution that would work. Shouldn't be too expensive (< 5,- Eur). I found the ready built Mathew Rotary Encoders with LED Ring and some examples on Youtube, using two Arduinos.

So here comes the point, if is too expensive or in my opinion too "difficult to realize" I will stop going any further.

2  Using Arduino / Sensors / Newbie thinking about using ARDUINO: Need 5 rotary encoders - possible? on: October 02, 2012, 06:06:21 am
I'm totally new to Arduino, but quite interestet und have read A LOT. Now I'm testing a software based version of Arduino before starting the real thing. But before to do so I have a general question. For a later bigger project I need to read the input from 5 rotary encoders. I tried a test with 1encoder connected directly to the Arduino board - worked, ok. But 5? Can I use a multiplexer like the 4051? I read about problems with bouncing and interupts?

The whole project will look like this:
5 rotory encoder will set the values of 5 digital potiometers. The movement of the encoders should be sent via MIDI and recorded by a external Midi Sequencer (logic pro). Aditionally the values (0-99 or 0-127) of each encoder (or the digital pot values, that doesn't matters) should be displayed on a serial oled (128*64). If the movement is recorded by the sequencer and the sequncer plays back, the recorded values should be sent to the Arduino via MIDI and set the digital potentiometer values and at the same time the values should be displayed on the oled.
OK - a big project, I know.
Therefore I start with single task and question:
Again, is it possible to "read" the rotary encoders, so that enough pins of the Arduino stay free for the rest of my project? It is not necessary to get every step of the encoder. Movement will be slower.

I hope it is not to confusing. My English should be better - sorry.

Thanks in advance!
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