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1  Products / The Arduino Starter Kit / Re: Arduino Starter Kit Section Guidelines on: October 05, 2012, 05:26:35 pm
Well as a complete electronics newb who has just got one of these new starter kits (it's a short but complicated story involving trans-world chats on Skype, bespoke PC construction and a need to learn about this sort of thing), it's a very convincing piece of work. Any comments I make have to be put into the context of only having set up the boards, software and connection to date.

So far, the bads are trivial (1) The very small self tapping screws - I couldn't find any so I made do with some 10BA bolts - it would save a lot of time if they were supplied, (2) the English used isn't perfect but the text and instructions are so clearly written, it doesn't matter. For anybody who regularly uses forums to communicate with people for whom English may be their 2nd or 3rd language, it's barely noticable - I'm being really picky.

The good things are really obvious (1) It's really nice to get a pack of bits and pieces which are *not* supplied just in a plastic bag which is packed with other plastic bags in a bigger plastic bag, etc. The box it all comes in is well designed, tidy and compact. If my interest develops then I can take responsibilty for providing more permanent storage (plastic) as and when it's required. (2) As an original Arduino kit, the parts included constitute far better value than other starter kits on the market, (3) And you get a 170 page manual too. (4) And then there's the video tutorials on the RS site to help as well - and the presenter (Massimo Banzi) knows how to communicate.

So far so good and you might be getting another couple of orders from Australia pretty soon.

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