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1  Community / Products and Services / Re: Atlas scientific ph/orp stamp RS232 on: October 07, 2012, 01:34:44 pm

I have just tested my code on Arduino UNO (supply of 5v)  as opposed to Arduino fio 328 (supply of 3.3v)
and it works like a charm, no garbage characters

I figured the serial out from the ph stamp is at a different level somehow to the arduino fio..

any help to get it to work with the fio

I have already tried the HEF4050 with both 3.3 and 5v as supply but still same garbage coming out...


I am experiencing exactly the same problem as you (the garbage characters), same Arduino Fio 328p. Haven't tried on a 5v model yet(unfortunately I  made a Fio specific PCB).
Have you eventually found a workaround?

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