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1  Products / The Arduino Starter Kit / Re: Arduino Starter Kit Section Guidelines on: October 11, 2012, 04:45:54 pm
I got the book and kit today.   This board was suggested a few months ago at a convention for a project.  After seeing a good  novice project  I thought it would be fun to get started.  I have installed phone office systems in the past so did not think much when it said some assembly required for the battery pack.   What pole to I connect the red  wire to?
I have search the net for instructions for the barrel jack, but at this time I have lost 6 hrs.  I drove around  to the different Radio Shacks but they where out of the barrel jack, I can order the $2.95 assembled jack online.  As I have already purchased an uno, before finding the kit during my quest for a barrel jack,  I kinda feel I have wasted enough time and money.  "Down about $150 with duplicate purchases, after buying the kit." I can put in your entire electric system for your house, but this little bit of information seem to escape me, and has stopped me dead in  my project.

The coding once I get the power connected looks easy,  did some c+ and java afew years  back.
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