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1  Topics / Robotics / Re: Having fun with a WiiCamera sensor and my robots :) on: December 20, 2012, 03:53:59 pm
Where did you got the WiiCamera sensor?

And how hard was it to "tame" it? -- that is write up the first working sketch of it.

2  Using Arduino / Audio / Re: Arduino library for WTV020-SD-16P audio module on: October 13, 2012, 08:39:12 pm
Bravo, Tested library and worked fine.. smiley

And answering my previous question, I tested this with a 2GB SanDisk MicroSD card successfully. In other words there is no limitation of 1GB.

I booted my computer in my windows partition and used this tool:
to format my SD cards [Overwrite Formatting Option], I've only tried the SanDisk & Kingston but I assume the other one works too!

So the issue with the SD cards may just be [I speculate] nuances on the different implementations of available formatting tools (previously I was using gparted).


Alas, [previously] I am [was] not being so lucky.

I've tried with 3 different 2Gb microSD cards:
- SanDisk, Kingston & unbranded
- Formatted them all with FAT16 filesystem (and even tried to make a partition smaller than 1Gb)
- Used several .ad4 files "fished" from these foruns and lately official sample ad4 files from the 4D website

Module pin 1 --> arduino pin 2 (reset)
module pin 4,5 --> speaker (tested 3 variants: 8ohm/0.25watts; 16ohm/0.3watts; unbranded earphones)
module pin 7 --> arduino pin 3 (clock)
module pin 8 --> GND
module pin 10 --> arduino pin 4 (data)
module pin 15 --> arduino pin 5 (busy) + led setup (replaced 470 ohm resistor w/ 390 ohm resistor)
module pin 16 --> VCC (both +3.3V and +5V after changing the jumper)

the module I bought was the one in the link the rebel provided... using his library, his sample code...

... and all I got is the a tiny short "switching" noise when the LED blinks, if I hold the speaker to my ear...

So, according to your own experience can't you detect any flaw in my setup? Or is it just another case of the microSD card Russian roulette?

P.S. - I'm all out of microSD cards to try and I don't have an SD shield.
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